Usually once a year, thousands of little beetles invade our homes, sidewalks, and yards.  Usually, attracted by the bright lights, they decend on our lives like a locust plague.  With lots of excitement our kids scamper about looking for containers with lids so they can collect as many as they can to fry up for the evening “snack” time.  The first time  you try them…you don’t know what to expect.  But after awhile it grows on you and before long you will find yourself excited with the rest of them.

First step is to fry them in a little grease.

Then let them cool off a bit.

Then close your eyes and swallow quickly the prickly, crunchy, little beetles.

However, not everyone enjoys the taste initially.

“it tastes gross” Karina said before spitting it out for the first time.

Years later, she doesn’t recall having spit them out…as why would anyone spit anything out that tastes so delightful.  Almost like popcorn.