There are memories from my childhood that have forever marked my life. I have always loved fishing. However to me, fishing included not only the catching of the fish but the bonding with fellow fishermen and the eating of our prizes. To only catch the fish would be like sitting down at a three course meal and only eating the salad. On the day I took Makenna and Ana-Clara fishing, I thought of the many memories I had as a child. I had many complaints that I’m sure my parents can relate to such as the size and taste of the fish, the amount of time and energy needed, and the lack of patience in the inexperienced girls. However, despite these trials we had a great time and I am sure glad that I stayed for more than just the appetizer!

Banks of the Amazon

Fishing on the banks of the Amazon…

Catching the Fish

A tough catch – piranha on bread bait. And the best part…the lines remained untangled and in one peice.

Fish Fry

A crispy fish fry didn’t really take all that long…

Eating the Fish

By the smiles on these faces – they truly loved the special bonding time!