Chocolate Covered Beetles

Every year when my parents got ready to send us off to school, my mom would make us cans of chocolate covered peanuts. We used to love them. Since my children hadn’t ever tasted them yet, I decided it was high time for them to taste something new. When I went to the local market they had two options – locally grown peanuts and an imported variety. I chose the locally grown ones, thinking that it would probably be fresher than something that had come thousands of miles away…maybe even years ago. When I arrived home, I quickly glanced at the peanuts and threw them in the pot, and began adding the rest of the ingredients. Half way through the process I noticed a leg moving…and then found out that beetles look a lot like peanuts. I won’t say they have the same amount of protein as a peanut, but I was beginning to wonder if I should have picked the export variety for the harvesting quality. Needless to say…I kept picking them out…and what I didn’t find…I am sure will be quite tasty by the time we finished the process. Then I got to thinking…maybe this is why I liked chocolate covered peanuts so much as a child. Anyway, the snack is a big hit! Keep the lid on this one folks…the kids don’t know about it! Maybe I should let mom do the cooking next time. At least it wasn’t some of these other kinds of beetles that you can find in Brazil.