Boat Licensing Project

Ever since we purchased our speedboat back in 2012, we have been aware that at some point in the not so distant future we were going to need to be officially licensed.  We didn’t ever imagine, however, how much it would affect our lives until recently when the city of Manaus started enforcing some of their new boating laws.  Because of the isolation of our ministry location, we use our boat for practically everything: local outreaches, shuttling people, going to work, youth activities, emergency rescues, cargo trips, veggie purchases, etc.,.  Rarely is there a day that goes by that we do not use it for a part of our ministry.  

With the potential grounding and fines nearing $1,000 per incident we have “docked” our boat until we can get it properly licensed.  Currently we do not have the funds to cover this extra expense.  We would like to finalize this as soon as possible so we can continue on in our ministry activities.

Many of the new laws require strict wiring, lighting, and equipment code.  Logan and I have been busy wiring the boat and getting it ready for inspection.  We have purchased a few of the items required but are still lacking the funds to finalize the licensing of the boat.

3-day course to be a licensed driver: $500
Inspection fees and registration paperwork: $500
Licensed Anchor: $150
12 Licensed Life Jackets: $150
Licensed Brackets for life Jackets: $400
hook, rope and life-saving ring – $150

Total estimated cost: $1850




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  1. Glenn Dix says:

    You were mentioned in this mornings’s service, something about a stolen boat, death threats. 1 Samuel 12:23 (a) “Moreover as for me, God forbid that I should sin against the Lord in ceasing to pray for you:”.

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