On this particular day I used a piece of common fishing bait called Mapara  (Pictured below) on the end of my 90 mm line.  Right when the fish bit, I knew it was a big one when after pulling on the line, nothing would budge.

With the help of our boat, I was able to pull the fish out into the deeper waters away from all the rocks and snags.  An hour later, we finally pulled him out of the water.

Even though we live on the Amazon – known for its monster catfishes.   It is not every day that you actually get the privilege to catch one on your line.

I love this picture below.  It shows just how big and how heavy this fish was.  The name of this fish is called a Jaú.  It isn’t known to be a high quality of meat.  When I cut up the meat into steaks, I had to carve a lot of the fat off.  It took our family about a week of eating fish every day to eat it all.    As much as we like fish…a week of fish and we were “fished out”.


After putting the big catfish on the scales he weighed in at 95 lbs!!!

Hudson enjoyed sitting on its back for the picture.