Variety of Amazon Bugs

As you can see, some of these insects are very poisonous.  Nobody was injured in the search and capture of these insects.  Kristi, although glad these insects had been collected and exterminated, was not comforted as she crawled into bed that night with the thought that where one  is found, others are soon to follow.

Amazon Bug Collection

Olivia had to “google” the insect and find the scientific name.  At times this presented challenges as the common names for these insects were not found in Google’s mighty search engines. For example, the scientific name of the “Ground Digger” could not be found until the real name, Mole Cricket, was discovered.

Exotic Bugs of the Amazon

This one particular beetle was the largest that I have ever seen.  Compare its size to the palm of an adult hand pictured below and then spread your palm and figure out how big that beetle was.

Mammoth Amazon Beetle