In our family, because I commute to town on a weekly basis, my wife always hands me a short list of things for me to purchase for her. Usually, this involves stopping in at a grocery store on my way back home and very quickly grabbing things off the shelf. I recently found out that beans aren’t always beans. Apparently, there are three types of beans – Tipo1, Tipo2, and Fora do Tipo. These categories go from highest quality to lowest quality. The last category being those that don’t meat any standardized quality control.

Bean Aware

Here is a sampling of what was in our Tipo1 bag – corn, rocks, sticks, etc., I wonder what the bag lacking any quality control really has in it. Maybe they should just call it “horse feed”. But seriously, will any of it hurt you? Probably not, and most likely might even help “clean” your digestive track out a bit. We will be sure to keep a pot of beans on the stove for when you come to visit!