In 2013 we decided to begin the process to adopt in Brazil.  Because Phil was born there, we could adopt as citizens. Within a few months of receiving approval, we were asked to consider a sibling group of five who were likely to be split if a single home for them could not be found.  Over the next six months, we prayerfully considered if this was what God was calling us to do.  When the time came for the kids to be legally free for adoption, we knew without a doubt that this was God’s plan for our family.  The transition was one of the most challenging and exhausting, yet most rewarding times in our lives.  When the addition to our family was finalized a year later, we were informed by social services that the biological sibling of our kids was in need of adoption as well.  He soon joined our family, which had grown from eight members to fourteen!  While this journey has been far from easy, it has been one where daily reliance on the Lord’s strength and wisdom has been essential.  We are thankful for how God chose to knit our family together through adoption and how through his loving grace we are welcomed as His sons and daughters.  He continues to faithfully provide for our needs in amazing ways.

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