We returned to Brazil and worked with the Marubo Indians for three years.

Then we accepted a challenge to head to Papua New Guinea to be a part of what God was doing to reach those tribal groups. While awaiting partners to arrive, we began volunteering in the IT department…months led to years and we served nearly 10 years there before we accepted a job to head up an IT Department here in Brazil.

We have been serving in Brazil for nearly 8 years now.

Philip works in the Computer Services Department. He also teaches tech courses and is involved in outreaches into the local community with the Amazon River people.
Recently, we were privileged to accept a sibling group of 6 from the local orphanage. We are still working on the final paperwork process. You can follow my wife’s blog here. (www.espressoamotherslove.com)

Kristi works tirelessly to care for our 12 kids and efficiently runs the day-to-day activities of our life in the jungle without all those nice conveniences we take for granted. She is also currently teaching a couple of classes in the Elementary school during the morning hours as well.